TBG Cover 6.14.21

TBG - Truth, Beauty, Goodness

Experience T.B.G - a vibrant evening filled with life and culture! Each night features a speaker to share a short story, a musician to fill the air with jubilance and an artist to sew the venue with beauty. We also frequently have a charity present to provide an opportunity to give back to the community. Held at various restaurants throughout Northern Virginia, this is the perfect place for people who are searching for meaning or not sure what they believe. All are welcome to come encounter truth, beauty, and goodness with us.

Each night will take place from 6:30-8:30pm at the dates and venues listed below!  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for information about each event as they approach!

May 17 at Caboose Commons

  • Story by Mike Tenney
  • Live music by Aren Bruce
  • Art display by Mary Acosta
  • Supporting Migrant and Refugee Services of Catholic Charities

June 14 at Highline RxR - click for details

  • Story & Art by Erin McAtee
  • Live music by Marie Miller
  • Supporting Christ House of Catholic Charities


August 16 - TBA

October 11 - TBA

November 8 - TBA