Name: Daniel MunizDaniel Muniz
Position: Assistant Director
Office Phone: 703-946-9713

Youth Ministry program includes: The Don Bosco Center is a faith-based after school program for at-risk and other youths from grade 5 through high school. We are open MWF 2:30-6pm during school, and during the summer the hours vary.


Active in Youth Ministry since: 2010
In current position since: October 15th, 2020

Why I work in Youth Ministry: I have been part of this wonderful program since I was a kid. I told myself I would grow up and help the future kids of this program as my youth ministers at the time were helping me. 

Birthdate: February 6


Favorite Food(s): Lasagna

Favorite Band/Musician: To many to choose from

Favorite Pastime: Soccer, Hiking, and Running

Favorite Saint: St. Juan Diego