Garrick Suemith

Name: Garrick S.M. Suemith
Director of Youth Ministry
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
Office Phone:
703-998-6100 ext. 110


In current position since: 9/19/2016
Active in Youth Ministry since:

Youth Ministry program includes: CYO - Youth Sports year-round
Kolbe Club and Fiat -Middle School Discipleship groups for Boys and Girls
The Defenders - Middle School apologetics and fellowship group
Open Gym and Open Mic - High School Sunday Nights
Group trips and service projects


Favorite Food(s): Dim Sum

Favorite Band: Adele and whoever is backing her up

Favorite Pastime: Kerbal Space Program

Favorite Saint: St. Matthew the Apostle

Favorite Scripture: John 13:34

Favorite Book: Ender's Game

Why I work in Youth Ministry: I was reading a passage about the disciples of Jesus when it occurred to me  - they sound like teenagers! Suddenly a number of other passages made more sense. I envisioned the stormy sea as a youth trip, complete with the parish priest (Jesus) and an experienced chaperone (Peter), that could have gone horribly wrong. I quickly found I wasn't alone with this insight; it was consistent with the culture of the time. The modern age is in fact the exception in delaying the responsibilities and expectations of adulthood past the teenage years. I am in Youth Ministry because I think that delay is a mistake. If I'm right about the age of the disciples, Youth Ministry was there at the start. We can be inspired by Jesus, himself, who faced the immaturity and fearfulness of his closest disciples but knew what they were destined for. That's what I yearn to tell young people - you have a destiny that is intertwined with Jesus.

About Me: I was born on Saipan then moved to Virginia in the 6th grade. I went to Hammond Middle School, Forest Park High School, then UVA and Mason. I am obsessed with Math and Physics. I came to believe in miracles because I've worked with equations that had to be Divine in origin. I never went to Catholic School. In fact, I started out in Protestant run schools and Protestant youth groups, which means I probably read more of the Bible than most Catholic adults by the 5th grade. However, I've been Catholic all of my life even if it was a struggle for my family to get me to pray (A whole rosary? Why!?). In the 6th grade, I promised God I would do anything for Him if my Parents bought me a Gameboy and Pokémon game for Christmas. By the 9th grade neither Pokémon nor God seemed cool anymore. But in the 10th grade I attended a retreat (more accurately, I was told I had to help out at a retreat for 7th graders) and it changed my life. It lit the fuel and oxygen my Catholic Christian upbringing laid out for me. The year Pokémon got cool again, I became a full time youth minister. The moral of this story: God sometimes answers prayers in essay form.

Birthdate: March 15