James ClementName: James Clement
Position: Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Parish: St John the Beloved Catholic Church
Office Phone: 703-356-7916
Email: jclement@stjohncatholicmclean.org


In current position since: 8/15/2016
Active in Youth Ministry since: 9/1/2010

Youth Ministry program includes: St John the Beloved's Youth Ministry is geared towards helping students in 7th - 12th grade become disciples of Christ. We strive to empower teens, foster their entire spiritual and personal growth, and draw them into active participation within the Church. There are many youth groupings in which one can be involved in:  - Altar Boys  - Choir  - CYO Basketball  - Homeschool Association  - Missionary Work (Banica and WorkCamp)  - Sunday Youth Nights (weekly)    We would love to see you join one or more of these groups!


Favorite Food(s): Fast food, actual real food, pizza, tacos, nachos, Chinese, Italian, pretty much everything except shellfish although I am training myself to like shrimp. Also, I enjoy a cold Coke or Dr. Pepper.

Favorite Band: My wedding band (I don't have a favorite musical band)

Favorite Pastime: Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Board Games, Video Games

Favorite Saint: St. Therese, St. Athanasius

Favorite Scripture: "Love is patient." and "Be still and know that I am God."

Favorite Book: The Hobbit

Why I work in Youth Ministry: I work in Youth Ministry because Christ has called me. I love working with teens. They have so much to offer. They are called to be saints and I want to help them in that vocation especially with the many difficult challenges that teens face every day. Teens constantly remind me to have a child-like heart and they inspire me to want to become holier whether they know it or not.

About Me:
I am the fourth oldest of nine children. I beatbox. I love my beautiful wife and am excited for us to welcome our first child into the world in March!

Birthdate: April 27