Name: Todd Faxon
Position: Director of Youth Ministry
Parish: St. Luke, McLean
Office Phone:

In current position since: 8/27/2014
Active in Youth Ministry since: 6/1/1994
Youth Ministry program includes: St. Luke Ministry is currently building a team and enhancing programs to better serve the needs of the greater high school and middle school students of the Parish. Adult volunteers are always welcome and needed. All youth are invited to participate. Consult the parish website for the latest information.  Young people have a place in every area of the Church to be served and to offer themselves as servants. Although particular efforts from the Youth Ministry Office are part of the efforts of the parish youth ministry effort, all those in the faith community have a crucial role in forming the young church.


Favorite Pastime: friends, sports, outdoors, firefighting, coaching lacrosse

Favorite Saint: St. Isaiah, the Old Testament Prophet

Favorite Scripture: the next one I find myself reading today :)

Why I work in Youth Ministry: I had a clear calling from God that this would be my particular apostolate, whether professionally or in and through whatever place He sent me....  Circumstances have continually confirmed this, along with my heart towards being an advocate for the "underdog" age group so important to our society. Additionally, I continue to realize I have a real grace of patience and concern for teens and their parents that is unexpected.  I was blessed to have amazing parents, and legendary mentors in the field of youth ministry that have molded and formed me in needed ways for this sacrificial ministry of the Church, for His glory.

March 18 is the feast day of my Confirmation saint, St. Cyril of Jerusalem