Tom Marino

Name: Tom Marino
Position: Director of Youth Ministry
Parish: Sacred Heart of Jesus
Office Phone:

In current position since: 9/30/2012
Active in Youth Ministry since: 6/30/2010
Youth Ministry program includes: 1. Weekly High school nights  2. Monthly middle school - high school combined nights  3. Weekly social activities (ages 11-18)  4. Hispanic ministry youth  5. Scouting (Cub and Boy)  6. Jr. Legion of Mary  7. Children's choir  8. WorkCamp

Favorite Food(s): Fresh and locally grown produce

Favorite Band: Most Christian Rock

Favorite Pastime: Legos

Favorite Saint: Mary Mother of God

Favorite Scripture: Mark 12:28-31

Favorite Book: Bible?!

Why I work in Youth Ministry: I was asked by our pastor to take on the position in 2012 without knowing anything about ministry.  Since then I have been supported by and inspired by hundreds of teens, adult volunteers, families, and religious within our diocese.  I love my job, which fuels my own faith and complements my other life as a middle school teacher.

Birthdate: October 30