Jamie ChichesterJamie 2021

Assistant WorkCamp Coordinator

Office Phone: 703-841-2559

Fax: 703-807-2032

Email: Jamie.Chichester@arlingtondiocese.org


Active in Youth Ministry: started in Youth Ministry as a teen in 2007 and have been active as an adult since 2011

In current position since:  November 2017

Job description includes:  Coordinating project sites and engaging with the residents we serve for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington Office of Youth, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries' WorkCamp program designed for high school teens to deepen their relationship with Christ. 


Favorite Food(s):  Steak, potatoes, and green beans!

Favorite Band: Currently Imagine Dragons is my favorite, but I like a wide variety of music

Favorite Pastime: Scuba Diving, hiking, and traveling (I've been to 13 countries and counting!)

Favorite Saint: Saint Teresa of Calcutta and Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Favorite Scripture: Isaiah 41:10

Favorite Book: I love thrillers and mystery books!

Why I work in Youth Ministry
I started in youth ministry as a teen at Holy Family Parish and developed a deep love for Christ and the Church through involvement in retreats, service projects, and WorkCamp. My Director of Youth Ministry had such a powerful impact on my life by modeling the faith and being truly present to us teens.   I continued to volunteer at the parish and diocesan level as a young adult because I know first-hand how important it is for young people to have a strong faith community to grow and mature in.

About Me
I was born and raised in the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. I was lucky enough to receive a Catholic education at Holy Family School from kindergarten through eighth grade and then went on to Bishop O'Connell for High School. Through my participation in the WorkCamp program as a teen, I realized that I was called to a career in service. I received my Bachelor's of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016. I then went on to earn a Master's of Science in Social Administration in 2017 from Case Western Reserve University. In my spare time, I'm not one to sit around; I'm always out and about finding new adventures, volunteering, and taking every opportunity to travel the world so that I can learn from different cultures and backgrounds!

Birthdate: March 15