Miki Escudero 2
Miki Escudero

Assistant WorkCamp Coordinator

Phone: 703-841-2559                           

Active in youth ministry since: December 2014

In this current position since: December 2014

Job description includes: Coordinating project managers and job sites for a successful WorkCamp.
Favorite Food(s): Peruvian creole and Chinese

Favorite Band: Carlos Santana

Favorite Pastime: Cross Country Running

Favorite Saint: St. Joseph

Favorite Scripture: John 3:1-3

Favorite Book: Papillon

Why I work in Youth Ministry
I work in youth ministry because I like to be Jesus’s hands and voice with the less fortunate.

About Me
I am a husband and a dad who wants to teach our children to love others how Jesus loved us.  

Birthdate: January 28