“All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”
- Napoleon, Animal Farm

This quote came to mind while trying to describe the youth ministry component of Catechesis as presented in Renewing the Vision. We have seen other organizations in the Church pretend that Catechesis is “just one of eight components”, all of equal value. While it is very important to include the other components, and you should provide a “good balance” of each component, the fact remains that you have your position for one reason…to teach the faith to young people. We cannot take Renewing the Vision out of context with the dozens of other Church documents about the role of the family, the role of parents, and the role of the Church…all of which place Catechesis as first and foremost. 

Youth ministry exists in its present form because CCD was not working, and the Church recognized that a more balanced approach was needed to teach the faith to young people. If teens were filling classrooms at parishes on Sunday morning, or parents were spending countless hours teaching the faith to eager adolescents, then we would be working someplace else.

The word “Catechesis” is defined as "oral handing down" from teacher to student. The word comes from the two Greek words 'kata', meaning 'back', and 'echo', meaning 'echo'. Catechesis is echoing back. Your role as a Director of Youth Ministry is to take what you have learned and have it echo in the young people.