“The presence of brothers and sisters from different cultures should be celebrated as a gift to the Church.”
U.S. Catholic Bishops

As Directors of Youth Ministry, you are called to build and nurture a welcoming youth community through the programs that you offer, where young people from every nation, race, culture, and language can grow and share in the Gospel of Jesus. 

“Let us pay attention to this in order to be able to adapt our pastoral strategies to the actual lives that our families and youth are leading.”
Archbishop Flores, Detroit, MI

The Diocese of Arlington’s population encompasses many different cultures. The majority of the parishioners are Caucasian. Hispanics are the Dioceses’ largest minority followed by African-Americans and Asian communities (Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Asian Pacific). The Diocese established a central office in 2004, the Office of Multicultural Ministries, to attend to the pastoral needs of its ethnically and culturally diverse groups. The Office of Multicultural Ministries seeks to serve all ethnic communities located in the diocese and to serve as a resource to newcomers.