The Catholic Diocese of Arlington offers a Certificate in Youth Ministry in collaboration with the Augustine Institute which is committed to forming Catholics for the New Evangelization.

    About the Program

    This is an in-depth program developed to provide formation for the youth minister, including presentations that are practical, academic, theological, and spiritual. Believing that the most significant factor in the catechetical endeavor is the individual catechist passing on a lived faith, Augustine Institute is committed to assisting in the preparation of men and women in a youth ministry context.

    This two-year program includes 27 workshops; each about 90 minutes.

    Homework and/or Make-up Work ?

    For starters, students are only allowed to “make up” one day of class (4 sessions), OR three individual sessions per year (from different days).  If you missed more than this, you will need to wait and take those courses when they are repeated every-other-year.  In order to “make up” a class, you will need to contact Tiffany Lambert to watch the DVD, complete the attached “video make-up” form, and then send the form (with brief essay) via email to Jim Beckman and Tiffany Lambert. 

    For the homework project (YEAR 1), the project was due in May 2013 and is now past due. If you have any questions, please contact us!

    If you have questions or comments, please contact Tiffany Lambert by phone at 703-841-2559 or by e-mail.



    • Contact Tiffany Lambert in the Youth Ministry Office at 703-841-2559 or by e-mail.


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