"My soul rejoices in the Lord."

Preparatory Year II of the Golden Jubilee of the Diocese of Arlington focuses will focus on Mary, the Mediatrix of All Grace and the model disciple, who shows us how to receive the Word and bear the Word to the world.

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Marian theology and our pro-life witness

“‘Nothing is so beautiful as spring,’” the Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote. All around us there are signs of new life, from flowers in full bloom to green trees with fresh leaves. The whole world seems filled with new life and new joy.

”Is it any wonder that we choose this month to honor the one who gave life to the Son of God, our Blessed Mother?”

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Emulating the joy of the Annunciation

“Still, we know two aspects about the Annunciation for certain: Mary’s abandonment to God’s will and her joy. Those two things give us a greater appreciation and love for Our Lady. They also prepare us for similar circumstances in our lives.

”’Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word’ (Lk 1:38). With these words, the Blessed Virgin Mary says “yes” to God.”

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The solemnity of the Assumption

"When she stood by the cross, she endured the unjust oppression and crucifixion of her only son at the hands of those with earthly power. Yet throughout this journey, Mary trusted in God and remained close to her son. By God’s grace she followed the steps of her Savior, and so she received a share in his resurrection."

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In ‘Madonnas of Color,’ Brother Mickey McGrath looks at Mary with new eyes

Brother Mickey McGrath first discovered the Catholic Church’s long history of Black Madonnas many years ago on an art pilgrimage to Spain, where he visited Our Lady of Montserrat, near Barcelona. St. Ignatius of Loyola famously prayed before the statue of the Black Madonna in 1522 and had a conversion of heart. He laid his sword at her feet, gave up being a soldier and went on to found the Jesuits.

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Immaculate Mary

"Advent signals that Christmas Day nears. What must the first Advent have been like, especially for Mary?

Although we rightly think of the Annunciation as Mary’s intense encounter with God, she already knew him well — and he, her."

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Our Lady of the Rosary

"The rosary takes on deeper meaning when we come to acknowledge Our Blessed Mother and how she is related to her divine Son and his chosen bride, the church."

Photo: Ann Augherton, Arlington Catholic Herald

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What are Marian devotions and how can they enrich your faith?

"As a mother, she offers a warmth but also a depth, and through Marian devotions, she can help enrich our spirituality. It’s almost inexplicable, but as the mother of our souls, she can bring about growth, understanding and confidence.” - Father Zuberbueler

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Our Lady's Example

“When Mary was informed that her unexpected maternity would not alter what many scholars have understood to be her previous pledge to God that she would remain a virgin, she quickly consented to the divine proposition that she would become the mother of the ‘Son of the Most High’ (Lk 1:32). Our Lady’s singular mission as the Mother of God had begun.”

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Young adult illustrates a children’s book about a popular Marian devotion

“I always think that the act of creating is somewhat sacred,” she (Mia Sasscer) said, citing a J.R.R. Tolkien quote about humans being created in the image and likeness of the creator. “I think it’s cool that the reason why people are creative is because God is creative and we reflect God.”

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Mary teaches primacy of humility over power, success

Pope Francis: "Mary prophesies that it will not be power, success and money that will prevail, but service, humility and love. Looking at her, in glory, we understand that the true power is service, and that to reign means to love. And that this is the road to heaven,” he said.

CNS photo, Vatican Media

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Straight Answers: Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

“She too is the Gate of Heaven. Mary is means by which our Lord came down from heaven to free us from sin. At the end of her life, we believe that Mary was assumed body and soul into heaven, a fulfillment of everlasting life and the resurrection of the body promised by Jesus. Therefore, she is the gate through which Jesus entered this world, and gate of fulfilled promise by which we will share everlasting life.”