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Diocese of Arlington response to the December 8, 2017 press conference by the Butler family regarding Fr. William Aitcheson

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CANCELLED: Conference for the Engaged on December 9

Due to the threat of inclement weather, the December 9th conference for the engaged at Our Lady of Good Council (OLGC) will be cancelled. OLGC follows the Fairfax country policy for cancellations so unfortunately we cannot host the conference if OLGC is closed.

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Keeping faith alive in athletics

Blue and Gray News Press | December 7, 2017

Faith can be seen everywhere in sports; runners who cross themselves after breaking a new record. Soccer players who celebrate their winning goal by folding their hands in prayer. The Olympic Games even began as a religious festival. On the University of Mary Washington campus some student athletes consider sports and religion to be deeply intertwined. However with their busy schedules many student athletes find it difficult to stay active in their faith.

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Christmas Cards (2) - ACH

Arlington Catholic Herald

Keeping Christ in Christmas cards

December, 6th 2017

“It’s difficult enough in this society to really profess your faith. I think sending religious Christmas cards does a really good job of doing that,” said Cecilia Balog, co-owner of the Pascal Lamb.

Pope Francis portrait

Faith becomes tangible when it finds its expression in love and, especially, in the service of our brothers and sisters in difficulty.