Mary, Explained

In our second year of preparation for our diocesan Golden Jubilee, we focus our attention on Mary, our Blessed Mother. Bishop Burbidge has invited us to look at Mary and imitate her example of receiving the Word and bearing the Word into the world.

To imitate Mary, it is helpful to understand what the Church teaches about who she is. In this 7-part video series, we will hear from religious, priests, and lay faithful from our diocese explain the theology, traditions, and devotions about Our Lady so that we can all grow closer to her with the ultimate goal of growing closer to Christ.

The video series breakdown is the following:

  1. Who is Mary? (May)
  2. Was she the Mother of God? (June)
  3. Was she immaculately conceived? (July)
  4. Was she assumed into heaven? (August)
  5. Was she ever virgin? (September)
  6. Why do Catholics pray and have devotions to her? (October)
  7. How can we embrace her as our model disciple? (November)

May this series lead us to rejoice in what God has done through Mary. She is his crown jewel of creation. When we look at her, she points us to the glory of God and thus makes us more intimately united with our Creator.

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CDA Live Stream Mass