Saint Thomas More


Saint Thomas More is the patron saint for the Diocese of Arlington and is also the patron saint for politicians, statesmen, lawyers and widowers. His feast day is on June 22nd.


  • 1478 - Born in London of a respectable family, Thomas was placed in the service of the Archbishop of Canterbury, John Morton, Lord Chancellor of the Realm. He later studied law at Oxford and London.
  • 1504 - Thomas was elected to Parliament for the first time under King Henry VII.
  • 1529 - He was appointed by the King to the post of Lord Chancellor. The first layman to occupy this position, Thomas faced an extremely difficult period, as he sought to serve King and country.
  • 1532 - Not wishing to support Henry VIII's intention to take control of the Church in England, he resigned. The king had him imprisoned in the Tower of London, but Thomas refused to take the oath requested of him. Condemned by the Court, he was beheaded.

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Text for biographical information from the saints were taken from the

Pope John Paul II's Apostolate Letter on Proclaiming Saint Thomas More Patron of Statesmen and Politicians.