• GIVE a Student the Gift of Catholic Education and GAIN a tax credit!

The Scholarship Foundation

The Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships to low income new students at our Catholic Schools using funds from contributors like you.

These donations, in addition to providing a life-changing education for our new students, will award you with a 65% tax credit when you make a monetary donation to one of our approved foundations.

The pre-authorization form required for making your donation can be downloaded from the Department of Education website or obtained from the Diocese of Arlington Development Office.

The Development Office may be reached at (703) 841-2764.


Read the "Impact on Children and Schools" letter

Group for Testimonial

Joseph is an only child in a single parent family. His mother works cleaning apartments and offices to earn a living, as they receive no support from his absent father. One of Joseph’s mother’s jobs is to clean the parish church once a week. One day while working she met the school principal and expressed a desire that her son could someday attend a Catholic school, although she thought she could never afford it. However, Joseph and his mother met the required criteria to enable them to receive assistance from the Scholarship Foundation. His mother cried with joy when she heard that this would be possible. Joseph now attends one of our Catholic Schools and is thriving!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible for the tax credit?

Any individual or business entity may receive a tax credit for eligible donations.

What kind of donations qualify for the credit?

Eligible donations include monetary donations by cash, checks, or marketable securities. Donations of goods, services or property are not eligible for the tax credit.

How are donations limited?

In order to receive a tax credit donors must contribute a minimum of $500. For individuals, including married couples, eligible maximum donation is $125,000 per taxable year. Therefore, the maximum tax credit of an individual’s donation is $81,250 (65% of $125,000). Business entities, including sole proprietorships, have no maximum donation amount.

How does a donor apply for a tax credit?

In order to qualify for a tax credit, donors must request pre-authorization from the Department of Education. Donations made without pre-authorization will not be eligible for the tax credit. Pre-authorization requests are processed on a first come, first served basis. Pre-authorization requests will only be granted for the first 25 million dollars in total donations. The Department of Education will issue a preauthorization notice to the donor indicating approval of the donation.

How does a donor obtain a Preauthorization form?

The Preauthorization form can be downloaded from the Department of Education website: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/school_finance/scholarships_tax_credits.