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    “The commitment to unity among Christians is not the work of a few only, nor is it an incidental undertaking for the life of the Church. Each one of us is called to make his or her contribution towards the completion of those steps that lead to full communion among the disciples of Christ, without ever forgetting that this unity is above all a gift from God to be constantly invoked. In fact, the force that supports both unity and the mission flows from the fruitful encounter with the Risen One, just as was the case for St Paul on the road to Damascus, and for the Eleven and the other disciples gathered at Jerusalem."

    — His Holiness Benedict XVI, January 29, 2010 at the Papal Address at the Close of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, “We Must From Now On Give a Common Witness.”

    Catholic Diocese of Arlington

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    The Catholic Diocese of Arlington, according to the Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism §41-44 by the Pontifical Council on the Promotion of Christian Unity, is established by Bishop to seek greater unity among those who share one faith and one baptism in Jesus Christ (ecumenism), as well as to seek deeper understanding among people of all faiths (baptized and unbaptized, or interreligious) toward a world of mutual respect and peace. Click here to read more.

    From the Director

    Lately as we prepare to receive the new texts of the Mass, certain phrases come to mind repeatedly, all very similar to the texts we’ve used for the past forty years. From the third Eucharistic Prayer, “May this sacrifice of reconciliation, we pray, O Lord, advance the peace and salvation of all the world…” Click here to continue.


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