The Office of Human Resources

The Office focuses its resources on attracting, motivating, and retaining competent and committed people; encouraging high performance from employees; and, ensuring that employees and other customers have positive and consistent images of and experiences with the Diocese.

The Office comprises the following major functions:

Employee Benefits – We design and administer a Diocesan-wide benefit program that strives to achieve the appropriate balance among cost, competitiveness, and employee satisfaction.

Payroll – We process bi-weekly payrolls for the Central Administrative Office (CAO), Catholic Charities, the Arlington Catholic Herald, and several smaller parishes. We also provide training and trouble-shooting technical assistance to the nearly 100 local payroll administrators throughout the Diocese.

Employee Relations – We help foster a workplace environment consistent with the values and mission of the Diocese.

Recruitment and Compensation – We employ recruitment and compensation programs for the CAO and Herald to attract and retain high quality employees who are committed to the work of the Church.

Development – We help CAO employees reach their full potential by facilitating and encouraging a wide variety of career development opportunities.


HR Testimonial

I’ve been working in one of our ministry offices for a short time. It has been rewarding to come to work where I can share my zest of both sports and Christ. Working for the Diocese provides me an opportunity to associate with those of similar background spiritually.

CCDA St Lucy

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