vocation resources for teachers/catechists


    Awakening the Vision                     


    To say a yes to God means answering a call, rather than initiating it.  The process leading to that answer and later affirmation by the Church is called discernment.  read more...


    Vocation lesson plans


    K-8 Vocation Lesson Plans for National Vocations Awareness Week.


    K-3 Lesson Plans click here; K-3 Worksheet One click here; K-3 Worksheet Two click here


    4-6 Lesson Plan One click here & Worksheet click here


    7-8 Lesson Plan One click here; 7-8 Lesson Plan Two click here & Worksheet click here


    Vocation Definitions


    Vocation means a call.  It is God’s invitation, His call to each person to love and serve Him and His Church in a particular state or way of life. Each person's vocation flows from the grace of Baptism. read more...



    Seminarian Appreciation


    Catholic school principals, directors of religious education and home school coordinators in the diocese are invited to encourage in their students an appreciation for our seminarians and their call through prayer, spiritual bouquets, cards and letters.


    For a current list of our diocesan seminarians and the seminaries which they attend click here.


    We have provided  a list of seminary mailing addresses.



    Miscellaneous Resources


    Church Document, Handouts, Flyers, Prayers, Web-Sites, Books and more. read more...