• Welcome runners!

Congratulations to all of you who completed the Marine Corps Marathon or 10K! View pictures here.

We are grateful for your prayers and sweat and sacrifices, and the Office of Vocations is available to support you in any way we can.

Donations are accepted through the end of November, so encourage your donors to get their money in. Here's the donor page.

There are still a number of races coming up, so feel free to sign up for another. See our Race Page for more races you can enter, or pick your own!

Being a part of the Race for Seminarians Team includes:

  • Networking events to meet other runners and find training partners 
  • Training tips from Ray Pugsley, Owner of Potomac River Runners
  • Gait analysis, shoe fitting and discounts for athletic ware
  • Training program and schedule
  • Creative fundraising materials and suggestions
  • Team T-shirt
  • Post-race brunch
  • And more!

Join the Race for Seminarians Team today!

  1. Register as a member of the Race for Seminarians team and set your fundraising goal. Your goal can be for one race, or cumulative over as many races as you want. Suggested goals: Marathon runners $500; Half-marathon: $250; 10K runners: $175; 5K: $75.
  2. Select the race you would like to run and register for it (find options on our Races page).
  3. Start fundraising! Visit the Fundraising page for tips.