How to Report a Suspected Incident of Child Abuse or Sexual Misconduct

The Office of Victim Assistance seeks to reach out and support victims of sexual abuse.

If you believe there is an incident of child abuse or sexual misconduct, please fill out the form below and return it to the Victim Assistance Office.

Should you have any questions or concerns please call the Office of Victim Assistance at (703) 841-2530.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I was abused as a child in another state. Can anyone in the Diocese of Arlington help me to get counseling?

Yes. We can also help you bring your complaint to church officials outside the Diocese of Arlington if the abuse occurred in another diocese or church jurisdiction and you now reside within the Diocese of Arlington.

I was sexually abused by my teacher at Catholic school years ago. Will the Church pay for counseling?

Yes. The Church will offer assistance in cases of abuse by any church employee or volunteer.

I would like to talk to Bishop to be sure he knows I was abused and how it has affected me. Will he talk to me?

Yes. Bishop Burbidge is willing to meet personally with victims of sexual abuse.

What can I expect to happen if I report being sexually abused?

The Victim Assistance Coordinator will take the information about the abuse, offer personal counseling and will ask your permission to advise church officials, specifically the Moderator of the Curia, about your complaint.

What kind of Spiritual Assistance is available to those who were abused by clergy?

Priests of the diocese are available for spiritual assistance and counseling. The diocese has offered and will continue to offer Masses for the Healing of victims of sexual abuse

Who can I call in the Diocese of Arlington to report that I was sexually abused by someone in the church?

Diocesan Victim Assistance Office:

Confidential Intake Line: 703-841-2530

Please keep in mind that the Diocese of Arlington is required by law and the diocesan child protection policy to report the abuse of a minor to the proper authorities. The State of Virginia Child Protective Services’ 24-hour toll-free statewide hotline is 800-552-7096.