Careers in Catholic Education

Looking for a career in Catholic education? Take a look at the job opportunities in our Diocese of Arlington schools. Learn more about how to apply and the benefits of working for the diocese.

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At St. Ambrose kids learn more than just content information since with their example, discipline and hard work, teachers teach excellent study habits, organization and planning strategies. The leadership and staff are excellent.

Frequently Asked Employment Questions

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Must I be a certified teacher in order to be hired?

You do not need to be certified to be hired, but you do need to start working toward certification at a rate of 6 semester credits per year.  You have a choice of Virginia licensure or the VCEA (Virginia Catholic Education Association) license.  For a VCEA license we require 6 credits in education, 6 credits within the past 5 years, technology competency, and CPR/First Aid/AED certificate.  You are required to be eligible for a VCEA license by the end of your first year. 

How do I apply for a teaching position? 

To be hired at one of our schools you are required to complete and submit all paperwork listed on our Catholic Schools employment page

I am currently employed but the staff here is not aware that I am searching for a job and I do not believe it would be in my best interest to let them know that at this time. How do other applicants deal with similar situations? 

Regarding your references, we do understand that many applicants do not want their current employers to know they are looking for a new position until they receive an offer.  Therefore, for professional references please ask previous employers or supervisors.  If you have done volunteer work, you can also ask a supervisor for a professional reference.  We require two professional references.  

I just moved to the area and my pastor does not know me yet. Must my pastor/clergy reference be from the priest at my parish? 

For the pastor/clergy reference, it is not absolutely necessary to get the reference from your pastor, but it must be from a priest that can verify that you are a Catholic in good standing with the Church. 

How long does an application stay on file?

Once an application arrives in our office, we date it and keep it on file for a year.  If you would like to keep your application file active for a longer period of time, please contact us before the year is up and we will re-date your application and keep it for another year.

If I am only working part time as a teacher do I need certification? 

All teachers must have certification even if they only work part time.  

I would like to know more about the substitute teaching process, what do I need to fill out, what forms do I need to have?

Substitutes do not apply through the Diocese; they apply directly to the schools they substitute for.  Please contact the schools in which you have an interest.  Subs will be required to present proof of a current negative TB test and most likely be asked to submit a resume and references.  If they have not already gone through the background check process, that will need to be done as well.

Is there a common timeline during which principals do interviewing/hiring? 

Most principals start interviewing and hiring February through June, although sometimes that can be extended through the summer. 

Am I able to directly contact schools that currently have openings?

Yes, if you have your application paperwork submitted to the Office of Catholic Schools, please contact any of our schools regarding their openings and let them know that you are in the application process and are interested in their openings.

I received my VA teaching certification years ago and it has expired.  What do I need to do to renew the certificate? 

Virginia requires 180 points for renewal.  These points must be accumulated within the past 5 years by way of college coursework and/or professional development.  New requirements for renewal include a copy of your CPR/First Aid/AED certificate and a certificate of completion of the Civics Module for those whose endorsement is MS of HS history, social studies, or economics. Please see the Virginia Department of Education website for full details. 

I have photocopies of my official transcripts for both my B.A. and my M.A. Will these suffice, or do you have to have certified copies?

We can accept unofficial transcripts or photocopies of transcripts for your application, but if hired, you will be required to submit official transcripts. 

Last summer, I applied for a teaching position in the Arlington Diocese. I am still interested in a position for the next school year. Some information on my application needs to be updated. Should I send a new application in, or just e-mail the changes?

If you have changes to your application, you may email them to our office.  Applications are kept on file for one year, so please call or email before a complete year has passed to have your file kept open for another year.

I am beginning the application process for a school nurse position and am using the application for employment, but do not see this position listed as an option. What do I do?

Nurses do not apply through our office; they apply directly to the schools.  We post nursing positions with our other employment opportunities as a courtesy to our schools.  Please contact the schools you have an interest in and they will give you their application if they have an opening.