Saint Ambrose


Founding Pastor: Fr. Vincent Sikora
Parish Founded: 1966
Church Dedication: The first church was dedicated in 1968 (it is now the parish school). The second church was dedicated in 1977 (it was closed in 2021 and awaits demolition). Mass is currently celebrated in the school gym, and new church construction will soon begin.

School Information:

Saint Ambrose School
Founded: 1944
Founding Pastor: Fr. Mark Pillion

Founded in 1994, the school opened in what had been the original church, parish offices and parish meeting rooms. The majority of students are active members of the parish, helping the school to remain connected to parish life, events and service programs. Over the years, the school has continued expanded its programs and faculties to allow for growth. In 2010, the school was named a Nationally Recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

What Makes This Parish Unique?

Saint Ambrose Church is a small tight knit parish community, with both new families and founding members of the parish. The parish has always been very active in program for evangelization, outreach to the needy and care for the sick (the parish helps provide pastoral care for a hospital, a mental health facility and six nursing homes). It also  has a long history of support for military families and an active Knights of Columbus council.

Parish History:

The parish was created in June 1966 by Bishop John Russell, Bishop of Richmond, with 400 families. Masses were held in a local public school auditorium until the first church was opened in 1968. As the parish grew, a new church was opened in 1977, a parish school opened in 1994, and new parish hall and offices opened in 2007. Today the parish has 900 families.