Saint Mary of Sorrows


Founding Pastor: Fr. Peter Kroes, SJ
Parish Founded: 1858
Church Dedication: 1858
Additional Dates of Importance:  The cemetery was established in 1838 before the church was built and expanded in 1975. The historic church could no longer meet the needs of the growing parish, so land was purchased and a new church was planned. The new facility was built and dedicated on December 15, 1979. Preschool was founded September 15, 1997. The cemetery has recently been enlarged to incorporate an adjacent piece of property. The parish's need for additional space lead it to plan for a new church, which was built and dedicated November 15, 2020.

School Information:
Saint Mary Preschool

Founded: September 15, 1997
Founding Pastor:  Rev. Donald Greenhalgh

The preschool started on September 15, 1997, under the direction of Elena Quartuccio, assisted by Pat Ronner, in response to the growing need for Catholic preschools. The preschool has grown over time and is now under the direction of Michelle Huber, who has instituted before-care and lunch bunch programs for school families.

Cemetery Information:
Historic Church Cemetery
Interred: 1100

The cemetery has Civil War veterans among its buried and was the site for Clara Barton's ministering to the sick. She used the church pews to tend to the sick and for firewood to keep the wounded warm.

What Makes This Parish Unique?

Saint Mary of Sorrows serves many people in varied capacities. It serves families with its preschool, religious education programs and Bible studies. It serves the less fortunate through monetary donations that support programs locally and around the world and with food from the food pantry. It serves the spiritual needs of parishioners with all day adoration every weekday. It aims to serve all its families and parishioners as well as those who may be in need.

Parish History:

The parish was founded to support the needs of the immigrants living in this area. During difficult times in its history, the parish supported those in need, through Clara Barton and the soldiers, and now through its help with neighbors who are out of work and struggling to feed their families. The parish continues to try to meet the needs of the people in the area and in surrounding areas in any way they can. Parishioners have a long standing history of supporting groups and organizations dedicated to helping those in need.