Saint Agnes


Founding Pastor: Saint Agnes began as a mission of St. Charles Borromeo Church in 1909 under the leadership of Fr. Frederick P. Lackey. In 1936, Father Edward W. Johnston was appointed as the first pastor.
Parish Founded: 1936
Church Dedication: The present Church was dedicated in 1966.
Additional Dates of Importance:  The original mission Church was built in 1919. In 1946, St. Agnes School opened, and the Church moved to what would later become the gymnasium. In 1961, the Rectory was built, and in 1966, the present Church was dedicated. In 1991, the Parish Center was dedicated. In Summer, 2021, renovations began in the former convent to house a new school library, computer center, and classrooms, and in the Church, including a narthex.

What Makes This Parish Unique?

The parish is unique for two reasons: First, the parish is dedicated to charity. Since its founding, the parish has provided for the needs of the surrounding community and abroad. Regular activities include serving a monthly meal at Christ House, collecting food and money to help those in Madison County, furniture collection for refugee services of Catholic Charities, food drives and clothing drives. Also, regular poor box collections include monthly donations to the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Poor Clares, Red Cloud Indian School, and Birthright. Second, the parish is dedicated to education at all levels. Besides the regular school and religious education program, the parish has a weekly Bible Study, St. Joseph's League, Inquiry Class, Walking with Purpose, and a variety of special lectures.

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