• Pregnancy Loss and Infertility

For couples suffering after a miscarriage or infant loss, we are truly sorry. The grief which accompanies your loss is unique to you and this grief can vary significantly from parent to parent, and among family members and friends. Your loss may be due to a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, still birth, or early infant death.

Historically, society has often minimized or ignored the loss and grief that families have experienced through miscarriage. Frequently, mothers and fathers were simply expected to move past the experience and little attention was focused on the fact that they lost their child. Advances in medical technology, particularly with sonograms, are helping to increase awareness of the unborn child because we can better see the humanity of the unborn child even at early stages of pregnancy. Cultural attitudes are now moving towards greater recognition of miscarriage losses. 

We hope to provide you with information that will help you with various aspects of your loss, including rites and commendation ceremonies for your child. We pray that you will find this as a source of help, hope and healing.