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Fr. Michael Dobbins' Homily on Redemptive Suffering, September 2020
September 2020 homily by Very Rev. Michael Dobbins, former pastor of St. John Bosco in Woodstock, VA, on Job and how suffering changes us. Fr. Dobbins spoke about redemptive suffering and offering up his own suffering in reparation for his sins and those of his brother priests. Fr. Dobbins died about two months later of cancer.

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Fr. Augustine Tran's Address to Parishioners on Fr. Michael Dobbins' Last Days, November 2020
Rev. Augustine Tran, parochial vicar of St. John Bosco in Woodstock, VA, talks to parishioners about Very Rev. Michael Dobbins' last days before he died of cancer in November 2020. Fr. Dobbins united his suffering with Christ's in reparation for the sins of priests and bishops.

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Fr. James S. Barkett's Spiritual Reflection for Victims/Survivors, November 2020
Fr. James Barkett, pastor of St. Mary of Sorrows in Fairfax, VA, offered a Spiritual Reflection on Jesus calming the storm and how this relates to victims/survivors finding peace in their lives.

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Letters & Homilies

Pope Benedict XVI World Youth Day 2008 Address

Pope Francis 2015 Address to Victims of Sexual Abuse


Reflections & Informational Guides

Advent Reflection 2012 by Teresa Pitt Green, survivor of sexual abuse and founder of Spirit Fire


Victim Survivor Retreat Presentations

Fr. Lewis S. Fiorelli's 2010 Retreat Talks: “God is Love and I am Lovable” (text)

Fr. Lewis S. Fiorelli's 2011 Retreat Talks: “Spirituality and the Human Condition” (text)

Fr. Lewis S. Fiorelli's 2015 Retreat Talks: “The Quality of Mercy,” “Mercy in the Presence of Shame and Guilt,” and “Mercy and Unbelief” (text)