• Thanks for joining the team!

Regardless of what your race looks like, or how you do, we are so grateful for all of your efforts to support our seminarians with your prayers, training, and fundraising efforts.

See our race page to pick a race (or two), register, then start training and fundraising for our seminarians (and obviously, this year creativity is key!).

We are grateful for your prayers and sweat and sacrifices, and the Office of Vocations is available to support you in any way we can.

Send us your photos -- It's always great to see the satisfied smile as you complete the race! 

Download a flier to spread the word!

How do I join the Race for Seminarians Team?

  1. Register as a member of the Race for Seminarians team and set your fundraising goal. Your goal can be for one race, or cumulative over as many races as you want. Depending on the distance, your goal can range from $100 to, well, why put an upper limit? Our guys will appreciate all you can raise!
  2. Select the race you would like to run and register for it (find options on our Races page).
  3. Select your sponsors and start fundraising! Visit the Fundraising page for tips.
  4. Build your team!

Build a Race for Seminarians Team at your parish or in your neighborhood! Get started here.