Tribunal Instructions and Forms  New Tribunal Forms Beginning January 15, 2022  

Please discard any older forms and instructions and download the most recent versions below.  You may fill out the forms by hand or electronically using the program Adobe Reader.  If you choose to handwrite your responses, print and write legibly in black ink only.  

Please be sure to review all information carefully, sign and date your documents manually.  Electronic signatures will not be accepted.


Formal Case
Print the instructions first and use as a guide for filling out the Formal Case forms.

FC Instructions for Presenting a Formal Petition
FC Petition
FC Narrative Essay
FC Fact Sheet
FC Preliminary Application Form
FC Supplemental Form for Convalidation

(Español) - Imprima las instrucciones primero y utilícelas como guía para completar los formularios para el Caso Formal. 


FC Instrucciones para Introducir una Petición Formal
FC Petición 
FC Ensayo Narrativo
FC Hoja de Datos 
FC Solicitud Preliminar
FC Formulario Suplementario para la Convalidación

Absence of Canonical Form Case
AF Petition (English)
AF Petición (Español)



Ligamen Case
LG Fact Sheet

Privilege of the Faith Case

PF Fact Sheet



Marriage Preparation
Affidavit Regarding the Free Status of Bridge or Groom (English)
Declaracion Jurada Sobre el Estado de Libertad del Novio o de la Novia (Español)



Clergy Only

Materials for Clergy

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