• Conferences for the Engaged

The Conference for the Engaged (CFE) program is designed to stimulate reflection and discussion on key aspects of marriage and family life.

Talks include: 

  • Human Images of God
  • The Goodness of Marriage
  • Marriage as a Sacrament and Vocation
  • Compatibility and Love
  • Communication
  • Parenting
  • Finding Our Financial Future
  • Introduction to NFP

Presentations are offered by married couples, priests/deacons, and professional counselors.

A Certificate of Completion is given to the couple at the end of each conference.

Upcoming Dates:

  •  September 30
  •  October 21
  •  November 4: Second Union Included*
  •  December 9
  • (All at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in Vienna)

*"Second Union Included" conferences are open to all engaged couples, but include a separate breakout portion for those couples where one or both are entering into a second marriage.

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