Statement from Bishop Michael F. Burbidge regarding the acceptance of the resignation of Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl

October 12, 2018


On this day of the announcement that the Holy Father has accepted Cardinal Wuerl’s resignation and appointed him as Apostolic Administrator, I convey my prayerful support to His Eminence and to all the clergy, consecrated religious and lay faithful in the Archdiocese of Washington. May the Holy Spirit continue to lead and guide all in the Archdiocese, especially in this time of transition.

I also take this occasion to express my sincere appreciation to Cardinal Wuerl for his longstanding and dedicated service to Our Lord Jesus and his Church. As a priest for nearly 52 years and as a bishop for 32 years, he sought to help God’s people to grow in holiness; to teach and preach the truth and joy of the Gospel; to be an instrument of the Lord’s love and mercy; and to imitate Jesus in his service to all people, especially those in most need. Cardinal Wuerl’s books, homilies, and articles are rich resources which assist the faithful to understand better the teachings of the Church and embrace the faith we proudly profess.

On a personal note, I convey my gratitude to Cardinal Wuerl for the fraternal support he has extended to me from the moment I was appointed bishop and throughout the years.

I have been the recipient of his wisdom, experience and counsel. It was also my privilege to serve with the Cardinal on numerous committees and boards, and his detailed preparation, insights and interventions greatly assisted the work entrusted to us.

At this time in the life of our Church, all bishops are called, as Cardinal Wuerl has done, to acknowledge any failure to protect Gods’ children, to express deepest apologies to victims of sexual abuse and to renew our commitment to assist them in their healing process in any way possible. As Bishops, we must also renew our commitment to be faithful to all that we have promised the Lord and his Church. We are aware of our need for prayers as we prepare for the November meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, so that we can more effectively respond to the pastoral and spiritual needs of God’s people with a firm resolve to live a life of integrity and holiness.

It is my hope and prayer that Our Lord Jesus will bless Cardinal Wuerl and all those in the Archdiocese of Washington with grace, peace and strength today and always.