A Message from Bishop Burbidge for Easter 2019

An Easter Message from Bishop Burbidge


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May Our Lord’s triumph fill your hearts with joy this sacred Season of Easter and always! 

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ brings an end to gloom and darkness—it is the source of our hope.  In proclaiming the Good News of the Resurrection, the Apostles radiated Christ’s love so that all might know the new life that Christ offers to us as we respond to his invitation to come out of the darkness of sin, evil and division and to walk in his glorious light.  

May we, especially at this time in the life of our nation and church, radiate the light of Christ in our communities by the example of faithful and holy lives and by the compassion we extend to those most in need. Let others see your joy and proclaim its Source: our new life in Jesus Christ ---the one who is Risen. Alleluia! Alleluia!  

I pray that he will abundantly bless you and your families during this sacred Season of Easter and fill your hearts and homes with his peace. Through the intercession of Mary our Mother may you come to share in the life of Our Risen Lord now and forever.