Bishop Michael F. Burbidge responds to photos from Governor Northam’s yearbook


In recent days, the Commonwealth of Virginia has witnessed public officials, including our Governor, make callous statements ignoring the dignity of unborn children and jeopardizing the safety and protection of those even in the process of being born. Now, with the extremely disturbing photos in Governor Northam’s medical school yearbook, we see another offense against the dignity of human life – the sin of racism.

In the midst of some petitioning for the resignation of Governor Northam, the Catholic Church renews its firm call for the protection of all human life and the respect for the dignity of each and every person. We ask the Governor to do what is best to restore the trust and confidence of the people in our leaders.

With people of good will and dependent upon the Lord’s mercy and love, I pray for the day when all elected officials will defend the life and dignity of God’s people, including the unborn, and people of every race, creed, sex, social condition, and ethnic background.