Statement from Bishop Burbidge regarding
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, celebrated on Monday, January 21, is an opportunity to join in faith and remember his lasting legacy as one who relied upon faith and prayer to guide him in the fight against racism and bigotry. Through his witness and the power of his echoing words, Dr. King upheld the belief that all persons, without exception--and especially those subjected to bigotry and prejudice throughout their history and lives--must be afforded the dignity given to them by Our Lord. We pray for the eradication of bigotry and prejudice that, sadly, exists in our history and even in modern times. As Dr. King so eloquently reminded us, ‘hate is too great a burden to bear.’ Let us pray that those harboring the burden of hate yield to the Prince of Peace and the source of salvation and love, Jesus Christ.