Bishop Burbidge responds to the jury verdict in Derek Chauvin trial

Yesterday, the jury in the trial of Derek Chauvin's case regarding the tragic and unjust death of George Floyd delivered its verdict. When officers fail to live up to their responsibilities, they should be held accountable, as it respects the victims of their actions as well as the reputation of their fellow officers. May the family of Mr. Floyd and those affected by his death find peace.

Over this past year, many members of our society have recounted and shared their personal and collective experiences of the evil and sin of racism, which continues to cause unjust harm.  We do well as a nation to listen to these accounts with open hearts and minds. While one verdict does not erase the painful history of racism in our society, I hope and pray that those who have experienced racism's dehumanizing character will allow this news to assist them in their healing.  

Let us take this moment to recommit ourselves, again, to joining with all people of goodwill to address racial inequality in our communities and to working together to build a just and peaceful society. Together, by the grace of God, may we achieve greater understanding and move forward in confident hope in the transforming power of Christ.