Bishop Michael Burbidge comments on the tragic shootings in NY and TX

On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, Bishop Michael F. Burbidge of the Diocese of Arlington spoke about the recent shootings in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX on the Walk Humbly Podcast. Below are transcript excerpts from his remarks:

I'm sure that we are all entrusting those who died, especially the children and the teachers, to God's infinite love. They are his beloved sons and daughters, and they will always be, and I am sure they are resting now in his embrace. It's evil, it's horrific, and it is so hard to see such a tragedy.

This is not a time, of course, for us to be divided as a country, but to be united. It is not a time for us to be political, but to be prayerful. And we can be united in our prayer as we entrust those who die to God's care and also pray for their parents…We are praying for their parents and their siblings and their families that God will give them strength and perseverance and the assurance that he is walking with them at this time. It is an evil that needs to be addressed and confronted that how this could happen. And I'm sure officials and all will begin to look at this situation there in Texas and throughout our country. But it's my hope that we certainly, we don't rely simply on our elected officials to come up with the root causes of this. We need to bring experts in from around the world, experts in mental health, experts in safety and security, experts will know how to act in such dire situations. So I pray that expertise and wisdom that are out there will come together and really begin to see what we can do as a nation and all of us to play a role and part in doing, with God's help, anything to eradicate this evil and violence. 

But dear friends, let's be united. Let's be united in prayer, especially for those who have experienced this horrific tragedy, both in Buffalo and in Texas.

Listen to the entire podcast here: