Statement by Bishop Burbidge and Bishop Knestout on U.S. Senate's Second Rejection of Extreme Abortion Bill

May 11, 2022

This afternoon, for the second time this year, the U.S. Senate held a vote to advance the deceptively-named, extreme Women's Health Protection Act. And for the second time this year, the vote failed. This twice-rejected legislation would have imposed abortion on demand nationwide at any stage of pregnancy through federal statute, eliminated modest and widely supported pro-life laws at every level of government, and forced all Americans to support abortions here and abroad with their tax dollars.

Today's vote was scheduled in response to the leak of a draft opinion in the Supreme Court case of Dobbs v. JacksonWomen's Health Organization. We applaud all senators who today chose life instead of abortion on demand. We are also deeply disappointed that Virginia's two U.S. senators voted in favor of moving forward with this radical legislation. We call on all members of Congress to direct their focus toward policies that fully recognize and support both mothers in need and their children. We thank all the faithful in our two dioceses whose advocacy and daily actions show Christ's life-affirming care, concern and compassion for the most vulnerable in our communities.