Statement by Bishop Burbidge on Proposed Alexandria "Abortion Provider Appreciation Day" Proclamation

Update: The mayor of Alexandria has permanently pulled the “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day” agenda item from the March 8 agenda. 

On March 8, the Alexandria City Council will consider a proposed proclamation to designate March 10, 2022, as “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.” The proclamation calls on Alexandria residents to “celebrate the courage, compassion, and the high-quality care that abortion providers and clinic staff provide.”

Violence of every kind must be condemned-and abortion is a direct, violent attack on human life. Proposing a celebration of abortion and an “appreciation day” for those who destroy lives defies comprehension. The City of Alexandria should instead do the opposite. It should celebrate all those who save, protect and care for human life. It should re-direct its focus toward recognizing and supporting both mothers and their children, as so many dedicated and compassionate people in Alexandria do each day. 

I urge Alexandria residents to express their opposition to this proclamation, and I continue to call upon all in our diocese to proclaim the Gospel of Life by word and example.