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The Walk Humbly Podcast - Episode 121

Bishop Strickland, USCCB plenary assembly, Vatican on sacraments and gender dysphoria and more

November 17, 2023


On this week's episode, Bishop Burbidge:

  • Recaps the USCCB plenary assembly and what he found most memorable from hearing about his brother bishops' participation in the Synod  
  • Entrusts the removal of Bishop Strickland as bishop of Tyler, Texas to the Holy Spirit and invites us to pray for him 
  • Explains why the threat of abortion remains the "preeminent" priority of the United States bishops (see Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, p. 6) 
  • Reacts to the recently announced theme of the January 19, 2024 March for Life: With Every Woman, For Every Child 
  • Describes what Solemn Vespers is and previews what is in store at the November 26 event inaugurating the diocesan Golden Jubilee year
  • Offers clarity on the recent Vatican document discussing sacraments and gender dysphoria
  • Affirms why catechists are essential teachers of the Faith, second to parents 
  • Talks about his Thanksgiving plans and reminds us of what this holiday is all about  

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