Make a Gift of Stock

Download the stock donation form for making gifts of stock to:

  • the Catholic Diocese of Arlington
  • the Bishop's Lenten Appeal
  • and/or your parish or school

Contact your broker in writing to provide proper documentation for a gift of stock. Assuming your stock is in a brokerage account, your broker should be able to easily proceed with a stock transfer with the account information listed on this form.

Send a completed copy of your stock donation form to McLaughlin Ryder Investments, Inc. and Mr. Timothy Cotnoir, Chief Finance Officer.  Their contact information can be found on the stock donation form.

Please know a reasonable fee and commission is charged by McLaughlin Ryder for their services managing stock and mutual fund gifts. Their assistance to the diocese and donors includes receiving and selling stocks or mutual funds, preparing and sending checks, sending acknowledgement letters to donors/beneficiaries and many emails and phone calls to assist donors by answering any questions.

For more information or assistance please contact Christine Farmer at 703-841-3896 in the Office of Development.

Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation

If you are making a gift of stock to the Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation, please contact Jeanne Combos at 703-841-2764 for a separate stock donation form and instructions.