Catechetical Resources

“And every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” (Phil. 2:11) 

The mission of the Office of Faith Formation is to support, assist and guide the catechetical apostolate carried out in the religious education programs in the parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington.

Through the work of catechesis, the Catholic Church hands on the faith that she believes, celebrates, and lives to every generation so that people can enter into communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ.



PENANCE: A Source of Joy: with Bishop Michael F. Burbidge

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Pre-Class Discussion: 6:30 PM EST; Lecture: 7:00 PM EST
Registration is required. Please register by visiting

Hosted by the Institute of Catholic Culture. Please view an promotional flyer here for more information.



Please use the most current COVID Response Guides and Sacrament Policy, which may be accessed below:

COVID Response- Guide-Faith Formation-12.11.2020, Final Revision

COVID Response- Guide-Ministries & Events- 12.11.2020, Final Revision

COVID Response- Guide- Youth Activities-12.11.2020, Final Revision

Approved Changes for Chapter 7 Sacrament Policies-14 December.2020


This Sunday, September 20, is Catechetical Sunday. Bishop Burbidge has recorded a video message for parents, students and catechists. Directors of Religious Education are encouraged to email the links below, to parents and catechists at their parishes. 

Bishop Michael F. Burbidge's video message:

USCCB Resources on Catechetical Sunday:

Congratulations to all who have begun religious education and good luck to those who will begin soon.


To view Bishop Michael Burbidge's message to Catechumens and elect, please view below, by clicking the link:

To view Bishop Michael Burbidge's message to Directors, Assistants and Catechists of Religious Education, please view below by clicking the link: