Catechetical Resources

“And every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” (Phil. 2:11) 

The mission of the Office of Faith Formation is to support, assist and guide the catechetical apostolate carried out in the religious education programs in the parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington.

Through the work of catechesis, the Catholic Church hands on the faith that she believes, celebrates, and lives to every generation so that people can enter into communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ.




To view Bishop Michael Burbidge's message to Catechumens and elect, please view below, by clicking the link:


To view Bishop Michael Burbidge's message to Directors, Assistants and Catechists of Religious Education, please view below by clicking the link:





Below, are some options for parents, since Religious Education classes have been temporarily suspended across the Diocese:


FF Family Resources Introduction

FF Family Resources -First Penance and First Eucharist

FF Family Resources -Craft and Activity Sites

FF Family Resources -Confirmation Resources

FF Family Resources -Apologetics and Catholic Answers

FF- RCIA Resources

FF- Family Resources-Adult Faith Formation

FF Tips for Parents - English

FF - Consejos para padres



Homeschooling course's based on the Standards of Learning are complete and posted below: Please see attachment for instructions: Homeschool Login

Resources for the Sacraments- First Penance, First Eucharist and Confirmation


Credible Catholic (free resource) - A resource for middle school and high school who question the evidence of a soul from medical studies, Evidence of God from science and philosophy. Proof of the Resurrection. Why be Catholic? Where to find True Happiness and why God allows suffering in the world. This can be used as an at-home retreat or a resource for parents to answer their children's questions. Catholic

My Catholic Faith Delivered is offering their services for free during this time. RE grades 1 - 8 and Midwest Theological Studies for High School. - & Life Document

Chosen will offer their video's for free for the Diocese of Arlington (until May 11, 2020)
Confirmation:Grade 8th:

RCIA classes can be held at the Church at the discretion of the pastor. If you would like a virtual classroom, use google classroom or zoom. If you prefer online classes, the links below are various RCIA programs. 

CREDO - Video's are free

  • Symbolon - (Formed - parish subscription)
  • Straight Answers - Our Lady of Hope 
  • Confirmation - (Formed parish subscription) done by why disciple. 
  • Credible Catholic - RCIA Modules