Internet Pornography Filters

One of the most efficient steps you can take to prevent pornographic material in your home is to install a filter on all computers and devices.

Computer Filters

Many filter systems are available which block offensive and pornographic content. These password protected filters (be sure to have someone outside the home set up and keep the password!) can also send accountability reports, restrict search terms and put time limits on internet usage.

There is no reason to allow objectionable content into your home. Consider one of the following filter:

Filters for Other Devices

Filters are also important for phones and other systems that access the web. These mobile devices can provide additional temptation to those who struggle with pornography. When considering which phone/device to purchase, check to see whether they are compatible with filters.

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod: Covenant Eyes, Safe Eyes, 
  • Droid: Safe Eyes
  • Android: Net Nanny