Pornography Addiction Resources for Men

The resources on this page are meant for men struggling with pornography use. Through prayer, strong resolutions and useful aids, there is hope for pursuing a life of purity.

Are You Struggling?

If you are struggling to live a life of purity, there is hope. The Lord created you and desires to give you the grace and support to live a life of integrity and purity.

If you have not already done so, first read and consider the following brochure to strengthen you in your resolve to engage in this fight against temptation:

Brochure: A Man's Hope in the Struggle for Purity

A Testimony

At times, the fight for purity might seem discouraging. However, with God's help, men do overcome this struggle. Find hope in this man's story.


Asking the Lord consistently for help in overcoming temptations is essential. By first devoting yourself to prayer, you are opening yourself to receive God's grace regularly in your Life

Plan of Life

Join with others in committing yourself to pursuing and promoting chastity through the Angelic Warfare Confraternity

Do you think you may be addicted to pornography? Get Help for Your Addiction!

Pornography Addiction Resources for Men