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Spiritual Counseling Referrals for Sexual Abuse Victim Survivors

The Diocese of Arlington has a group of religious and diocesan priests and women religious who have some additional training in working with victims/survivors of sexual abuse.  

In addition, the Diocese has some victims/survivors who are willing to share their journey of faith with other victims/survivors.

If you would like to seek assistance from one of our priests, women religious or other victims/survivors, please call the confidential phone number or email one of the victim assistance coordinators to explore opportunities for spiritual counseling.


Therapeutic Counseling Referrals for Sexual Abuse Victim Survivors

The office of Victim Assistance has a list of therapists who have training in abuse and trauma. It is our hope that therapy can help you explore the healing process. 


 Please schedule an appointment with one of the Victim Assistance Coordinators to begin exploring options for therapy.