Terry Riggins

Terry has served as the Parish Liaison to the Charismatic Renewal and Coordinator of deliverance prayer ministry in the Diocese of Arlington since 2011.  Prior to that, she was volunteer Director of the Catholic Charismatic Service Committee in the diocese, served on the Leadership team of the “Love is Given” Charismatic Prayer Group at the Church of the Nativity in Burke, and has been active in the local Charismatic Renewal for 23 years.  In addition to attending a 3-week Leadership Formation Institute in Rome sponsored by the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal and various conferences on deliverance ministry in the United Sates and Rome, Terry has been on evangelization mission trips to China, Ukraine, Hungary, and Mexico.  She speaks nationally and internationally, inspiring people to surrender to the full effect of the Holy Spirit in their lives and to share their spiritual gifts for the building up of the Church.  She is a certified Master Catechist and teaches in her parish RCIA program as well as serving as a Lector.  Terry and her husband, Ron, have been married for 38 years and have three grown children and two grandchildren.

Recent Presentations

  • Unbound Deliverance Ministry
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Forgiveness
  • Evangelization in Everyday Life
  • The Charismatic Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Using Your Gifts to Build up the Church
  • The History of the Charismatic Renewal