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Faith and Worship

Welcome to the Office of Faith Formation and the Office of Divine Worship.

The mission of the Office of Faith Formation is to support, assist and guide the catechetical apostolate carried out in the religious education programs in the parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington.

The mission of the Office of Divine Worship is to aid in fostering the proper understanding and celebration of the liturgy among the People of God of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, especially through pastoral-liturgical development, formation and education. The Office serves also as a resource for the clergy and laity of the Diocese in matters concerning the proper planning and celebration of the sacraments and other liturgical rites of the Church.

Information is also provided here about Evangelization support for parishes and schools, as well as information for those considering becoming Catholic or returning to the Catholic Church.

We hope you will find the resources you need, but please feel free to contact us for assistance.