Man and Woman

Catholic Marriage Preparation Guidelines

1. The Catholic Diocese of Arlington requires SIX MONTHS of marriage preparation, beginning with your initial contact with your parish priest.

2. Each couple marrying in the Diocese of Arlington is required to attend a marriage preparation conference such as a Conference for the Engaged.   

3. You must currently be meeting with a priest/deacon for marriage preparation in order to register for a conference.

4. Most couples will be asked to take the FOCCUS premarital inventory. It is a tool designed to help engaged couples learn more about themselves and their relationship. It will also pave the way for them to discuss many of the topics that are central to ensuring that their marriage lasts a lifetime.

5. Your priest or deacon may require you to attend Natural Family Planning (NFP) classes. If he does not, we encourage you and your fiancé(e) to learn more about this organic way to plan a family that also respects the integrity of your marriage.

6. The preparing priest or deacon can assist you in preparing the liturgy, readings, music, and other elements for your wedding.