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The Good, The Messy and the Beautiful with Edward and Beth Sri

God draws spouses ever closer to the Heavenly marriage through the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, but this does not mean that the journey is easy. On the contrary, marriage can present spouses with many different kinds of struggles and difficulties, alongside the joys and triumphs of family life.

Join us for this one-day event with Edward and Beth Sri, who will share from their 20+ years of marriage the lessons they have learned about the realities of marriage. From discussions about miscommunication, healing, intimacy, gifts, and more, you will walk away refreshed and strengthened in your vows.

The retreat will begin with registration, coffee, and pastries from 8:30 - 9:30 am in a large tent outside the Church. We will be able to move inside the Church as soon as the 8:30 daily Mass lets out, which will be around 9:05. At 9:30 our program begins. The morning will consist of a talk (9:45-10:30), time for Adoration and confession (10:30-11:30), and a second talk (11:30-12:15). We will return to the large tent outside for a catered lunch (12:15-1:00). After lunch, we will re-enter the Church for a final talk (1:00-1:45) and Mass (2:00-3:00). We will depart at 3:00 after the final blessing and announcements.