Multicultural Liturgical Living

Liturgical living is a way to learn about the Church's calendar through saint feast days, traditions, prayers, and more, as a way to keep your life more focused on the Christ by intentionally living out these seasons at home. There are ways to honor saints, Church history and traditions, holidays and festival and more, from all around the world. 

Below, you can find free resources for each liturgical season on the calendar, ready to download. Or, if you wish to order hard copies, please contact the Office of Multicultural Ministries at, letting us know the amount and where we can send them. We are happy to print copies for individuals and households, small groups, parishes and schools.

These Liturgical Living Guidebooks are a project under the Diocese of Arlington's Golden Jubilee Multicultural Sub-Committee and will feature recipes that will be included in the Diocese of Arlington's Golden Jubilee Cookbook, “Gather at the Table: Multicultural Cooking for Liturgical Living”, coming soon.