Celebrating the Mothers Among Us


Beginning with our own Blessed Mother Mary, the Church has a special love for mothers. We serve mothers every day through our parish, diocesan and Catholic Charities ministries. We see in each mother her own special story, a deep, abiding love for her family, and a willingness to sacrifice for the children God has given her.


Meet some of the moms who signed up for our first-ever #LoveOurMothers photo shoot

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, the Office of Communications held a complimentary photo shoot for 20 moms who signed up to attend in late April. The moms also share with us the joys and struggles of motherhood, and how their faith has supported them as they raise their children.

Love Our Mother Faith

Mom Barbara Sanders with her son Michael, 7, and Caroline, 4, attend St. Ann's.

“Despite having less time with all the business that comes with motherhood, my prayer life has exploded. St. Therese's little way inspired to give whatever I can in prayer, whatever it is at that moment. Today, I readily lean into whatever strikes me, whether it's quick muttered pleas for help, offered sacrifices during moments of frustration, or singing hymns that pop in my mind."

Just One Yes Adore Him

Erin Thielman with her children Alexander, 10, Abby, 8, and Andrew, 2.

“Motherhood has taught me that every day is a new journey along the path that God has planned. Around every bend in that path is a new surprise,” says Basilica of Saint Mary parishioner Erin Thielman. “Regardless if that surprise is good or scary, Jesus stands next to us and our Blessed Mother is holding our hands as we endeavor to be mothers like her.”

Just one yes prepare him room

Mariane Staron with her husband Michael and son Benjamin Staron, Basilica of Saint Mary.

“What about motherhood makes me smile, laugh or brings me joy? My son just being himself! He is such a blessing! His curiosity, silly demeanor, and just overall affectionate nature bring me so much joy on a daily basis. And most recently he learned to say his name, which means mom both laughed and cried! Haha!”

Just one yes prepare him room

Our Lady Queen of Peace parishioner Myra Carpio, with her daughter Colette Gatchalian.

“Prayer is key in our household. I have prayed for my daughter even before I can remember. I had no idea what to expect when God blessed us with our daughter, but wow how lucky am I to be her Mama. Colette has blessed us in so many ways, and I pray in return, she will continue to live a beautiful, faithful life"