Celebrating the Special Mothers Among Us


Beginning with our own Blessed Mother Mary, the Church has a special love for mothers. We serve mothers every day through our diocesan and Catholic Charities ministries. We see in each mother her own special story, a deep, abiding love for her family, and a willingness to sacrifice for the children God has given her.


Join us in praying for and paying tribute to moms throughout the Diocese in this month of May by using the hashtag #LoveOurMothers on social media with the printable resources below:



Portraits of Our Mothers and How We Serve Them

Watch videos below that capture the stories of four extraordinary mothers served by our diocesan and Catholic Charities ministries and learn more about the programs that helped them.


Watch Emma’s story: Embracing the Blessings of Home

Pregnant, having limited career options, and soon-to-be homeless, Emma turned to Catholic Charities St. Margaret of Cortona Transitional Housing program.


Watch Abbie’s story: A Family Woven Together by Love

Abbie and her husband wanted a family but were unable to have a child biologically. They choose to adopt with the help of Catholic Charities.

Soledad 640 480px

Watch Soledad’s story: Dreams for Her Children

Soledad was expecting her fifth child and couldn’t afford prenatal care. She turned to Catholic Charities Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic, to receive the sensitive, professional care she needed.


Watch Oyin’s story: Making a Safe Haven for Twins

Pregnant with twins and vulnerable, Oyin fled to Virginia in search of hope. She called the Diocese’s Gabriel Project helpline and was sent a volunteer, Angela, to mentor and offer material and spiritual support.


Providing Housing to Assist Families in Need

Catholic Charities St. Margaret of Cortona Transitional Housing for Families provides stability to homeless families with children as well as wrap-around support to help them re-establish stability and independence.


Building families through adoption

Catholic Charities Pregnancy and Adoption support is here for you, whether you are pregnant and looking for options for you and your baby, a couple wanting to adopt, or a family needing post adoption services.


Offering free prenatal, medical care to adults in need

Catholic Charities Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic, housed in a former abortion facility, now provides life-giving health care, including prenatal care, to adults who have no health insurance and live within the clinic’s Manassas area boundaries.


Extending helping hands, vital aid to expectant mothers

The diocesan Gabriel Project Helpline offers pregnant women in unexpected or difficult circumstances vital assistance by providing a mentor who accompany mothers offering material, emotional and spiritual support when it is needed most.


Our mothers help form us as individuals, families, and as a Church. Especially in this month of May, we celebrate all mothers for the care and sacrifices they make daily. We thank God for these women whose love for their children reflects the love our Blessed Mother has for her son, our Savior.


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